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Be The Couchmaster!

Control every thing with a touch of a screen


Mohammed Alaskar
Automation Integrator – Business Owner



     Couch Master is a project created by a proficient Kuwaiti entrepreneur that realizes the importance and luxury of having an integrated system in your everyday life. The core of the business focuses on providing an automation system for your home or office, by choosing the suitable equipment for each function and integrate it with a fancy user interface for iPad or any Smartphone device in order to control your surroundings just by a touch of a screen.

The name of the business is inspired from the actual feeling you get when owning the automation system. By controlling everything around you by a simple, soft touch of a screen you simply gain the power of being The Couch Master. Home automation is not just a luxury solution but a must for the disabled or bedridden people, to aid them by depending on themselves by either closing the lights or controlling the A/C etc.

Mr. Mohammed Alaskar, the founder of Couch Master started this concept from his own home by testing every single equipment and brainstorming many solutions to find the optimum user experience and the axiomatic way of controlling your everyday surroundings by using the simplest user-friendly system, with a goal to have the user not even think…just touch, lay back and control all!

Lights and Lamps

1. Control your ceiling lights, dimming or brighten it, and switch them on or off.

Media Center

2. Fully control your TV, Sat receiver, DVD\Bluray player and you hometheater system.

LED Color

3. With a screen touch, make your own mood by choosing the color of the LED lights which we can provide for you.


Curtains and Shutter

4. Control the sunlight by open or close the curtains and shutter, just from your couch.

Air Condition

5. Feel cooled, don't want to leave your warm bed, control your thermostat remotely.

Home Cinema

6. The ultimate experience with the automation in your home cinema, to control the projector and other above equipments.

Not just a luxury !

7. Putting in mind that home automation is not just a luxury solution that you may have, automation is a must for disabled or bedridden people, so they can depend on themselves to close the lights or controlling the A/C etc.