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Be The Couchmaster!

Control every thing with a touch of a screen

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Control it all with iPad

    couchmaster makes your daily life a wonderful experience. weather you are watching TV, enjoying a movie or just adjusting your lightning, you will find it as easy as touching a screen. couchmaster will design a customized remote interface for your iPad or iPhone, allowing you to control your media center like your TV, DVD/Bluray player, and your satellite receiver, as will as dimming your lights, changing the color of the decoration lights, or switching on/off lamps. couchmaster provides you a media center PC to play movies, your favorites TV shows, browse the web on your TV, or even watch any media from your smartphone or tablet right onto your TV.
Being able to control every thing around you with a screen touch, makes you the couch master.

No Wall Breaking

Don't worry about your finished house, and your decoration, our solution can be implemented without any drilling or breaking.

No Cabling

All we care about is the look of the place, so there will be no cables laying not inside walls nether out of it.

Moving !!

Are you thinking of moving to a new place, and you are worry about the automation you have? our solution can be shifted easily from a place to another.

Lights and Lamps

1. Control your ceiling lights, dimming or brighten it, and switch them on or off.

Media Center

2. Fully control your TV, Sat receiver, DVD\Bluray player and you hometheater system.

LED Color

3. With a screen touch, make your own mood by choosing the color of the LED lights which we can provide for you.


Curtains and Shutter

4. Control the sunlight by open or close the curtains and shutter, just from your couch.

Air Condition

5. Feel cooled, don't want to leave your warm bed, control your thermostat remotely.

Home Cinema

6. The ultimate experience with the automation in your home cinema, to control the projector and other above equipments.

Not just a luxury !

7. Putting in mind that home automation is not just a luxury solution that you may have, automation is a must for disabled or bedridden people, so they can depend on themselves to close the lights or controlling the A/C etc.